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I am a Certified and Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner

I have over 8 years of experience of working with EFT and I specialise in working with mums and children on fears, anxieties, habits and stress. Before I moved to the Correze in the south-west of France I was a Nursery School Teacher and Manager south of Edinburgh, Scotland. My degree is in Education Studies and Drama and have worked in adminstration for the Education Sector. 

I am currently the Interim Chair to the Communications Committee of EFT International, the World's Leading Professional EFT Organisation

I am a Mum to these cuties!

Well, that photo is about 14 years old, so they are not as cute and cuddly now. They are well over 6 foot tall and are as strong as oxes but I am still Mum (ie chef, waitress, laundress, taxi driver, secretary etc).

When my boys were this age I really struggled as a mum. As much as I loved them so much, it was tough, really tough, but this experience led me to the wonderful tool of EFT and thanks to EFT the struggle weakened and I became a happier and more accepting mother.


There are still challenges of course, but that is okay. I do my best and wish to help all Mums who have struggles no matter how big or small. 

Toddlers J and W.jpg


I live in the beautiful, peaceful Dordogne Valley in France. I enjoy walking in nature, laughing with friends, writing about the power of EFT and I just love, love, love, to dance my socks off! 

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