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"Melody has a great manner with children. She worked with our family during a traumatic time and had a lasting impact. We learned the EFT quickly, had immediate results, and she continues to check in with us in such a caring way. I can only recommend tapping with Melody, over Zoom, for anyone dealing with fear and big emotions." Emmy, Paris

“I can join in with family activities. Thanks to Melody I feel so much more confident in my ability to self-regulate when I am feeling overwhelmed by situations that have previously frightened me. Melody is incredible! Each session left me feeling calm and safe and positive about the future. I will be recommending Melody’s EFT to friends and I look forward to having more sessions myself too.Thank you. “ Jess, England

"For me, it definitely helped. It made the build-up to going on holiday a lot more relaxed, I wasn't stressed at the airport, going down was fantastic....the whole experience was a lot different to flying in the past. It made such a difference cos normally I would feel sick, have shakes and panic attacks. A big thank you to Melody"  Sam, Leeds.

"Melody is a fantastic EFT practitioner - I've loved my sessions with her and her use of images with EFT is so effective. She truly listens to what you're hoping to achieve in the session and does well with the likes of me who goes off in every direction, to bring it back to the main issue. Would highly recommend." (Skype session)

T.M., Edinburgh, Scotland

"I've had a few EFT sessions with Melody with great results; I feel calmer and more resilient and less overwhelmed. She's wonderful at what she does - helps you to feel very much at ease and is incredibly astute and intuitive. She's very passionate about EFT bringing great energy to every session. Thank you!" 

Jemma, Lot, France.

"Melody is a fantastic practitioner who really puts you at ease right from the beginning. She walked me through the tapping method very clearly. I had asked Melody to help me with an over-reliance on my smartphone and the session definitely helped me to think about it in greater detail the impact of the use of my phone on every day life and to start to better manage it."

Clare, Haute-Garonne, France

"Melody has helped me to recognise and overcome certain barriers which originated from my deepest inner fears. My initial scepticism regarding EFT has vanished completely after experiencing the change this form of therapy has brought about within me. Melody's understanding and reassurance made me feel secure enough to open up completely during those sessions, which has enabled me to exteriorise much of the hurt I had repressed. The practical aid she has provided has been of great value to me and I shall certainly call on her again whenever I need help in altering deeply rooted behavioural patterns. Thank you Melody!" Krista,Correze, France

"Both myself and my 12 year old daughter had sessions of EFT with Melody. As a mother, I was sincerely impressed with her ability to explain it's mechanics to my daughter who truly benefited from the procedure. I'd thoroughly recommend Melody as an EFT Practioner - very effective." 

A. Gimonet, Correze, France

"Melody has a lovely presence , calm and patient and very easy to speak to. As we worked on the tapping process over a couple of weeks I found It really helped shift my emotions so that I was able to view my particular issue with more equanimity. EFT couldn’t have been simpler – I would recommend anybody to give it a try." 

M.G., Tweedale, Scotland

Melody put us (Mums) at our ease and showed us some very helpful techniques for helping with stress, relaxation, and self-acceptance. The 5 sessions I was able to attend were excellent.
Sarah S, France

"I have found EFT with Melody incredibly helpful, she has made me realise that I can control my immediate reflexes, and just to take a moment to think before I take action." Sara, Correze, France

Melody’s two EFT sessions with my teenage daughter taught her to relieve her stress. It helped her to be calmer and more relaxed in social settings. Melody is a very competent, gentle and empathetic therapist, who always paid close attention to my daughter's reactions during the sessions. She offers great support and help, and I highly recommend her, whether to adult patients or to parents of children suffering from anxiety or emotional stress.

A A, Lot, Vayrac

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